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Harvey Recovery | References

Harvey Recovery | Flooded Car

Should I start my car if it’s been flooded? No, in almost all cases. If the car was only in a few inches of water that didn’t rise past the bottom of the body, maybe. Water higher than that can get into wires, transmission parts, the exhaust or other places. Deeper water could enter the…

Harvey Recovery | For Rental Tenants

Dingman Law Firm has made a great detailed legal guide. As a tenant, the first thing you should do is determine whether the place you rent is reasonably still livable or not. If you haven’t been back to your place, call your landlord to determine this. If it’s unlivable, determine if it’s safe to pick…

Harvey Recovery | Garden Clean Up FAQs

Can I eat produce (fruits, vegetables, and herbs) from my garden? To be safe, throw away all produce that has been touched by the flood water, above or under the soil, even if it was only splashed with water or mud from the flood. Flooding can leave harmful or even poisonous material on produce that…

Harvey Recovery | Floodproofing

By protecting your home from damage, floodproofing will save you money and aggravation during the next flood. Protecting your house from future flood damage will increase your property’s resale value, and can often be incorporated into repair work that you are already doing. Here are five types of floodproofing to discuss with your repair contractor:…

Harvey Recovery | Working with Contractors

Numbers and Links to Know FEMA Disaster Fraud Hotline: 1-866-720-5721 Texas Attorney General (for reporting fraud): 1-800-252-8011 File a fraud complaint with the FTC: Houston BBB: Angie’s List contractors: Tips from Texas Attorney General: Finding Contractors After any major disaster, fraudsters try to sell victims on phony repair deals, and they…

Harvey Recovery | Muck Out Process

If you need help cleaning up, call Crisis Clean Up: 844-965-1386 or 800-451-1954 to be placed on a list for assistance by more than 140 relief agencies who are coordinating cleanup efforts.   STEP 1: Preparations & Safety   DOCUMENT: Before you begin, for insurance purposes, document with photos and / or video what is…

Harvey Recovery | Dry Out Process

Drying out as Fast as Possible Keep windows and doors closed, seal air leaks and duct leaks as much as you can (since outdoor air is humid), and remove moisture sources (houseplants, water in toilets, etc.). Cover drains to block sewer gas from entering home. Trim landscaping away from walls, eliminate sprinklers, and expose at…

Harvey Recovery | Clean Up Process: General Tips

Items you should have on hand: Safety shoes or boots Non-vented goggles Rubber gloves An N-95 or higher mask, preferably with respirator Pry bar Shovel Flashlight (with extra batteries) Camera or video recorder (or your phone) to document everything for insurance/FEMA Hand sanitizer and alcohol swabs Potable water and chemical cleaners/sanitizers Sponges Buckets Wiping rags…

Harvey Recovery | Removing Flood Water from a Building

Depending on the amount of water, you may need to hire a water removal company for this step. Be sure to read through the ‘Working with contractors’ post first. If you are able to do this safely on your own, with family, friends, and/or volunteers, here’s how you could do it. Be sure to read…

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