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Our Architect To Be

Jaqueline is our Project Intern. Since Joining MEL/ARCH Studio last year, she has shown tremendous growth and enthusiasm. One day during our regular Monday meetings, we discussed the topic of learning versus real life experiences for an architect. We are astound by the variety of view points we got. So we decided to share what…

WHY architectural models?

Since the invention of computer aided drafting and 3-D computer modeling in the late 80’s, the art of physical model building has been on a steady decline. Nowadays most architecture firms place a higher emphasis on the use of renderings and 3-D imaging over  physical massing models and scale buildings. Incredibly complex and extravagant illustrations…

Why People with a “B” mentality might be more successful

Back in the day when I went to school, education seemed to be designed to create  obedient and complying individuals, ready to take on the standardization of work processes. I vividly remember having to learn a laundry list of technical terms and vocabulary without necessary understanding how to apply them in a meaningful way.  As…

Architecture As a Career, Not a Major

Most students when starting their college career have selected a major which they deem fit for themselves. The majority of the time our college career is outlined in a set of courses given to us by advisors that set our path for the next four to five years. Personally, I had no idea what all…

High Speeds Bring High Expectations

Transportation and infrastructure problems in America have become a continuous problem these days. Local governments continue to invest in upgrading the roads and highways, but never quite seem to catch up to the fast-growing populations. By the time the road improvements are completed, which can take years, the congestion problem has outgrown the improvements. One…

Why hire an architect

As the age old saying get what you pay for. As a licensed architect and practitioner myself, I often get asked by prospective clients what I can offer them and how my services compare to that of designers. What they often fail to realize though is that they are comparing apples to oranges. It…

Architecture meets Nature

Nature. It’s all around us. We are part of it yet in some situations we can feel disconnected from it. Living in city and suburban areas we can lose that interface or interaction to nature. In general architecture and more importantly sustainable design helps bring back that connection through the principles and techniques that draw…

Contextualism in Architecture

Every Architectural structure or  building is a creation of a person or group, who’s cultural inspiration and influences help shape its design. While on a trip to Reykjavik Iceland, I had a chance to visit many of it’s symbolic architectural creations as well as its more mundane structures. Based heavily on it’s nomadic culture and natural phenomena,…

Mobile Energy Soars with Kites

Sustainable design has evolved to include a favorite family pastime…flying a kite. In Scotland, there is a ten year plan underway to generate power for an entire region with kites. The British company, Kite Power Solutions, developed the wind based technology which is basically a hybrid kite-ballon power system that looks similar to parachutes. The…

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