Dearest Houston,

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because we all have so much work to do already. This guide is intended to help all of us move through this together with purpose and clarity. This recovery process is a huge endeavor and can feel overwhelming at times. My goal is to give you only the information you need, only when you need it. I’ve designed this main post to be your home base, each step listed will take you to another post with more in depth information. Please read the ‘Before We Begin’ posts and then head straight to where you are in the recovery process. Then keep moving along at your own pace. I know that the information and assistance available is constantly changing, so please do feel free to share with me any leads you have that I don’t. We will get through this together #HoustonStrong.

With all my admiration,

Luz Standridge (Associate @MEL/ARCH studio in Houston)

Before We Begin

Take a deep breath, notice your strength, and let’s take the first step.

If your home or business still has flood water

I know some of you are still out there, you are not forgotten.

Once flood water is removed or drained

If you are able to start working with a contractor at this stage, that is great, be sure to read through the ‘Working with contractors’ post below. Most of us will do the clean out and dry out ourselves, with family and friends, and/or volunteers. Safety is a priority.


It’s incredibly important that your home is safe for years to come.

Garden Clean up

Flooding can leave harmful or even poisonous material in your garden and soil.

For Rental Tenants

You DO have options and choices to make.

Flooded Car

Some cars can be repaired, most will need to be replaced.

** Special thanks to TXRX Labs for compiling most of this information and allowing me to share it. Visit them at for a list of free seminars and workshops. **

Here’s a list of all references used to create this guide.