Start keeping a folder and log to document the process. Start right now, no matter where you are in the process and no matter how small you are affected. There are too many names, numbers, and dates to keep straight. Don’t put that burden on your future self to remember. Below is a list of things to keep and log. (Note: If you’ve already started the process and have not started documenting, try to not dwell on it and just start right now. There’s no sense in being hard on yourself for something you did not know. Just start here.)

  • Log of phone calls: include date, time, person(s) you spoke with, agency or business name
  • Log of events, like places you visited for assistance or when someone visited you. Include same info as phone calls.
  • Keep business cards, flyers, and handouts. (Feel free to print any portion of this guide to keep as well.)
  • Keep receipts for reimbursement and documentation.
  • Back up your logs and notes by taking photos with your phone, just in case you lose the hard copy. Google photo allows you to back up to their cloud for free.

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