Jaqueline is our Project Intern. Since Joining MEL/ARCH Studio last year, she has shown tremendous growth and enthusiasm. One day during our regular Monday meetings, we discussed the topic of learning versus real life experiences for an architect. We are astound by the variety of view points we got. So we decided to share what we found out through a series of Q&A blogs.

Here it goes…

Q: When you choose an architectural firm for your internship, what are the major determining facts you are looking for? Please list top 3.

A: I believe each student or graduate has an ideal internship experience in mind. Personally, a full intern experience is essential. As a student we aren’t able to visit job sites often and being able to experience a site and seeing construction can be an eye opener to many interns. Secondly, office culture is important especially for those who have never worked in an office setting. Interns need to be able to connect and communicate with those around them to display full potential. And thirdly, I enjoy being able to sit in on meetings, whether they be with clients, consultants or the city. This gives interns insight to how others view what they’ve been working on and how differently each project it is interpreted.


Q: What do you feel the difference between the academic learning versus real time experience?

A: Generally speaking, the school learning environment can be very open in design. Often times we are not limited to certain parameters like in the real practice. Pushing the envelope as far as design is much easier in school than in reality, just because of codes, regulations and liabilities involved in building a project.


Q: What motivates you when working as an project intern?

A: My motivation as a project intern is to be able to get as much out of the opportunities handed to me. Each experience is unique but as an intern you get just as much as you put in.