Back in the day when I went to school, education seemed to be designed to create  obedient and complying individuals, ready to take on the standardization of work processes. I vividly remember having to learn a laundry list of technical terms and vocabulary without necessary understanding how to apply them in a meaningful way.  As a kid I was convinced that the education system was rigged and I found out first hand that it did not in any way allow you to speak your mind or utter your opinion. The teacher wanted  you to do as you were told, and shut up!

Let’s  fast forward to the present…Nowadays the world is being dominated by a creative and innovative economy. The old way of learning becoming an hopelessly outmoded form of education. The economy demands more individualism and less complacency and obedience. It hungers for more artists, hackers and world intellectuals.

B mentality people are known to rebel against the established order. They don’t quite fit in with the highly indoctrinate way of educating and learning. They are more free. The most unique attribute of B mentality people is their inner need to  express their own opinion and to find their own way. Below are 10 points that describe the B mentality people.

1.They question the academic system

They don’t believe in the standardized and scientific approach in understanding and solving problems. Their approach includes a more humanistic and critical approach. They understand and see the problems in the education system, and figure out their own method of learning

2. They do not blindly follow

They do not follow a straight path, but rather explore all alternative routes, and only and only when all avenues are exhausted will they determine a direction they want to go

3. They do not intend to impress the teacher

Yes, off course they have respect for their educators, but in comparison to A people , B mentality people do not try to emulate or idolize their professors. As a matter of fact, they rarely see their educators as an example for attaining ultimate success in life

4. There are more important things

People with a B mentality care less about the grades they get. They put lot’s of energy in things that do matter to them such as family and friends. Life to them does not happen outside of school. Life is around you every moment

5. They have their own definition of success

Good grades for most people equates to security and upward mobility. B mentality people however place more importance on the security of knowing ones self. No external definition of success is comparable with the success one can achieve with self understanding and acceptance. B mentality people do not care much about what the world rivals about. They set their own targets that gives them satisfaction

6. They know how to use peoples talents

Whereas “A” people want to direct everyone and everything, B mentality people know how to gather the right people around them to tackle the problem collectively

7.People with a B mentality are self educating

Learning is paramount, however B mentality people want to follow their own learning style.  They want to decide for themselves how to think and how to explore

8. They are not perfectionists

B mentality people understand that you learn from your mistakes. You will fall down many times, before you finally realize how to stand up

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” -Reid Hoffman

9. They don’t waste energy

The goal is to learn. Going from a B or a C to an solid A cost a tremendous amount of energy. B mentality people realize that the useful knowledge they are gaining while learning is more important than being able to brag over an A without any ability to relay the information learned in a meaningful way. This makes the B mentality people much more efficient, more effective and above all more focussed on their work

10. They are dreamers

During class they already pick out what subject matter is important to them. They don’y sweat the little things, allowing them to tackle questions such as what they want to achieve in life. They are constantly busy processing bigger problems. They do this by detailing their ideas and plans

With all of the points above, I do not encourage you to teach your children that B’s are perfectly fine, or that dis-regard the teacher is ok.  My hope is that parents will stimulate their children and enable them to find their passion, their self conscious and most importantly self acceptance. Ultimately each person’s success depends on the ability to find ones potential. Whether that occurs through settings A’s or B’s in class, is decided by ones character.